The performance aspect of CKM VAPA includes Music, Character and Scene, Theater Production and Dance. As a public school with a focus on the arts, we feel the performing arts is best felt when we take our craft to the community. You will often find the CKM Music department’s Jazz band at an art event and the Drama Class is putting on a variety show in the same weekend. Being front and center with our craft is an ongoing goal at CKM VAPA. It is so important for our VAPA students to understand the discipline they are learning at CKM can take them into viable performance careers in the future.
The modernized Theater and Stage, Makeup Room, Black Box Room and State of the Art sound systems will be a great backdrop for our talented students upcoming performances, giving the ability to have professional experience. 
 This foundational class is designed for students with little or no theater experience. The course promotes enjoyment and appreciation for all aspects of theater. Classwork focuses on the exploration of theater literature, performance, historical and cultural connections. Improvisation, creative dramatics, and beginning scene work are used to introduce students to acting and character development. Character and Scene provides opportunities for students to develop skills in critical listening and thinking. As well as stage presence and ensemble work culminating in periodic classroom performances. Character and Scene provides students’ with an opportunity to develop fundamental assessment skills, problem-solving skills; history, and other content areas. In addition to the development of 21st-century skills that will help students become successful after high school graduation. The class includes: Team work, relaxation, concentration, movement, voice, play analysis, acting, improvisation, character analysis, performance, scene work, monologues, theater vocabulary, theater history and some play writing.  The curriculum is aligned with the California Visual and Performing Arts Common Core Standards.


Theater Production is an afterschool opportunity at CKM VAPA. This allows all students interested in the craft of drama to get involved. In addition to acting, this class promotes technical studies which include costume, lights, sound, props and make-up. This student lead class provides our talented VAPA students with the opportunity to direct a play, plan and map lights or develop costumes for a dramatic production.
This course is designed for the non-dancer as an introduction to
the elements and principles of dance. All levels welcome, Jazz based instruction, followed by historical and multi cultural units. Each student will participate in constructing and performing basic creative choreography in cooperative learning groups and direct instruction. Students will explore the cultural heritage, historical importance, and modern day application of dance in our society while increasing personal health and endurance. (Satisfies the Physical Education Graduation Requirement) .